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Mission Statement

We succeed by serving others.  

Our mission is simply to help our customers be more successful. Our job is to make technology work to their best advantage.  With our help, our customers are empowered to pursue their objectives in a more effective way and we become a partner in their success.

We offer solutions, not just hardware.

We combine hardware, software, and network services to create a customized
telecom solution for the specific needs of each customer.  Telecom systems are
not commodities easily compared only by feature lists and prices.  Even the
most expensive technology and the most advanced carrier services don't
guarantee success.  The missing piece of the puzzle is, and always has been, a
supportive vendor with the expertise and the willingness to match effective
technology to your unique situation.

Located in London Kentucky, Superior Telephone Systems offers “Best in Class” services to different companies and organizations throughout Central, Southeastern Kentucky and Northeastern, TN. We specialize in Nortel Networks business system installations, Mitel Networks for the hospitality industry with VOIP, as well as Cat5e and Cat6 certified network cable installations.

1615 Senator Lane London, KY 40741
(606) 862-7600
(800) 673-6676

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Central & Southeastern Kentucky,
and Northeastern TN

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